“Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini Tuo da  Gloriam”

Awaken the values ​​of the cavalry and the tradition of the poor knights of Christ called the Templars, through common prayers and meditation, defense of the Catholic faith and historical studies.

Preserve the countless abandoned churches, keeping them in dignity and opening them to faithful people at least a few days a month; especially by preventing its use to malicious operators.

Fighting esotericism and rampant magic, especially among youth; making operations against Satanists operating in our dioceses.

From the Templar Church of Santa Maria di Mucciatella.


“The soul to God, the life to the King (Christ), the heart to the lady and the honor to me”.

I. Declaration of Christian, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Faith.

II. Commitment to defend also at the cost of life the Brethren, the humble, the weak, the Homeland, the Holy Roman Church and their Honor.

III. Always respect the duties of brotherhood and tolerance.

IV. Do not engage in any activity or produce direct or indirect actions that may offend the moral or honor of the Association.

V. Accomplish the Defense of the Association and assist the Brothers wherever they call.

VI. Respect and honor the recurrences of the Association and attend the meetings, recite at least one Lord’s Prayer every day, and receive the Eucharist at least three times a year.

VII. Observe the Association’s hierarchy, its Statutes, and the rules of civil coexistence and the laws of the State where an associate goes.

VIII. Participate in social life by committing morally and effectively to the suffering and the needy by practicing Christian charity.

IX. Apply and Defend the Templar motto:

“The soul to God, the life to the King (Christ), the heart to the lady and honor to me”.